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Edvard MUNCH Madonna Introducing

Edvard Munch, Madonna Lithograph Hand-Colored Lithographs
30 numbered exemplars
                         Edvard Munch, Madonna Lithograph Lithographs in black & withe
30 numbered exemplars


Edvard MUNCH

1863 - 1944




  "MADONNA" - 1913


According to the lithograph "Madonna" by Edvard Munch of 1895 (Drawing made for the achievement of his most famous lithograph, with the given title of “Madonna”).
Just about 8 different versions of this lithograph have been executed by Munch between 1895 & 1913.
This lithograph is up to now one of the most expensive in the world : 
some lithographs can exceed one million Euros.
We are proud to present it for the first time in the world for republishing.

The very first prints of this lithograph were issued in black and white in Berlin in 1895.
Even if the practice of colour printing was tested out in the famous Parisian workshops, it was seldom used in Germany.
Therefore, Munch issued his “Madonna” at first in black print on which he added afterwards various colours by hand.
By this way, he turned his printings into unique master pieces that were indeed comparable to his paintings.

When we have decided to go into this new editing project, we never left anything to chance..
Wiser with this expertise and experience, we have used drawing and editing techniques that were absolutely identical to the ones used by Munch. (Drawing on stone, printing colour  by colour using an early 20th century lithographic press).
As it was previously done in 1895, the coloured version has been entirely handmade making each exemplar of this lithograph really unique.

Like it was done at the very beginning, we are pleased to propose two distinct versions of this lithograph :

The first version in black & white, printed in 4 colours (background + grey and 3 different shades of black)
The second version in enhanced colours  (8 colours with 5 printed + 3 colours applied by hand)



Edvard Munch, Madonna Lithograph Edvard Munch, Madonna Lithograph

Hand-colored Lithographs
30 numbered exemplars

Lithographs in black & white
30 numbered exemplars




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