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A Story of a Lithograph...


To set up a trusting relationship

The dictionary gives the definition of the word “trust” as follows :
"the feeling of safety of a person who can rely on someone or something".

Therefore, we consider that business cannot be simply restricted to the concept of supply and demand.

Selling is above all a commitment; it is the promise of a product that meets your requirements.

More than selling, we are eager for setting up a trusting relationship with our customers.
A trusting relationship compels not to have the purchase on target, but to be part of the future.

We consider that meeting your requirements is the only way for us to keep up the good job !


Each piece of work proposed by France Art Diffusion has been carefully scrutinized.

The information given on the origin, the quality and the condition of products are stated thoroughly.

Additional Information, pictures and scans on request.