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Abstract Painting - Lyrical Abstract Painting

Visions from the inside


François Cheng of the Academie Française talking about Marcel Dumont
"He traced the hidden nature of elements, stones and trees, veines and foliage or patiently interiorized landscapes...
He did not stop at the external aspect of things. Above all, he sought out the vital inspirations that give them life, the inner thoughts that inhabit them.
In this, he was close to the great chinese painters."
One of the master of the french abstract movement
His friend, the grat painter Jean Bazaine and Jean Cocteau understood very well that Marcel Dumont was a magician.
It is simplistic to define his work as abstract. His painting is more subtle. Il is like a photograph that has been sent to the developer.
Marcel Dumont's visions appear gradually. Alpilles (Provence, France) and Vercors (the region in France) mountains , Olive trees, Apricot-trees....
Little by little, he gives away his secrets and leads us to an almost figurative painting.
Shadows and light are revealed, landscapes take shape, the lines become sharper, there is magic at work.
Marcel Dumont, Lyrical Abstract Painting



Marcel Dumont and the highlights & pictures.

Marcel Dumont,Peinture abstraite,abstraction lyrique

Marcel Dumont


Marcel Dumont,Jean Cocteau,Dominique Ponchardier,Galerie Alphonse Chave à Vence

1958 - Exhibition to the Alphonse Chave Gallery in St Paul de Vence
Marcel Dumont (center) with Jean cocteau (right) & Dominique Ponchardier (left)


Marcel Dumont,André Glucksmann

Exhibition in Lyon
Marcel Dumont (left) with the famous french philosopher André Glucksmann (center)


Marcel Dumont,Jean-Pierre Geay

In his workshop
With the french poet Jean-Pierre Geay (left)



Marcel Dumont,Peinture abstraite,abstraction lyrique


  • 1921 – Birth in Douai – He started painting & drawing at the age of 14.

  • 1940-1947 – He studied Philosophy in Lyon & Paris

  • 1948 - Became Professor of Philosophy while continuing painting

  • 1954 - First Exhibition at the Galerie Grange in LyonPortraits – Great compositions with Fusain : Portraits - Landscapes

  • 1957 - Second exhibition at the Galerie Grange in Lyon- Meeting with Alphonse Chave, famous gallerist & contemporary Art collector
  • 1958 - Exhibition at the Galerie Chave in Vence – Meeting with Jean Cocteau. Great figurative compositions. Portraits and landscapes. Meeting with the Philosopher Noël Mouloud who became his friend..
  • 1960 - Another Exhibition at the Galerie Grange in Lyon / Assembly pictures

  • 1960-1961 - Exhibition at the Galerie La Jeune Parque à Lyon. Period of fingerprints, monotypes & gestural painting.

  • 1962 - Important Exhibition with wax and Indian ink. Collective Exhibitions in Lyon & Paris.Film Directing by Pierre Hervo in Oyonnax . Illustrating the poems of Jean Perol.

  • 1963 - .Appointed Professor in Salon -de -Provence. He settled in the Alpilles and worked on rocks, hills and trees of the Alpilles. Important series of drawings, wash drawings, watercolors , pastels ...on the theme of the Alpilles

  • 1965-1969 - Travelled in Spain & Italy. He settled in Aix-en-Provence.

  • 1970 - He gave up teaching following a car accident.
  • 1971-Retrospective at the Hotel Estrine in St Remy de Provence « 10 years of paintings 1959-1969 » He met JP Geay
  • 1972 / 1973 - Series of great watercolors & gouaches

  • 1974 - Great Exhibition at the Cultural Centre of Privas. JP Geay wrote a book about him. New series of assembly pictures & series of pen-and-ink drawings. Rocks & Alpilles.
  • 1975 - Exhibition being held under the patronage of Rene Char at the Tourism Office “Isle sur la Sorgue » - Inside of an apricot tree . First drawings about the Vercors Theme of the forrest
  • 1978 - Exhibition at the Galerie Claude Aubry in Paris - Theme of the inside of Apricot trees – Meeting with Jean Bazaine

  • 1979/1980 - Exhibition in St Remy de Provence

  • 1981- He composed with the help of J-P Geay a bibliophily book intitled : hills and orchards of Alpilles
  • 1982 - Exhibition at the Galerie Claude Aubry in Paris : « 10 years of Painting in the Alpilles «

  • 1983 - Another Exhibition at the Galerie Claude Aubry in paris - Meeting with François Cheng with whom he wrote two books of bibliophily. Meeting of P.A.Benoit & JL Meunnier with whom he wrote quite of few bibliophily books.And finally,Meeting with René Char.

  • 1983/1985 - Publication of " When the earth is an orchard "by Jean - Pierre Geay – He worked in his house in Provence called “Mas des Renards”mixed and multiple technnique- Wax, Indian ink, gouacheon the theme of “Trees and Rocks”

  • 1985 - He composed in 3 months 148 drawings for the " Book of my indoor gardens "- Major Book in 5 parts.
  • 1986 - Exhibition at Geneviève Goubains’ in Salon de Provence watercolours, gouaches & acryliques « Icon landscapes »
  • 1988 /1989 - Exhibition at « Isle sur Sorgue » at Galerie Ceruse. Black and white drawings inspired by the forrest in Vercors.

  • 1998 - Death of Marcel Dumont

  • 2002 - Retrospective / Exhibition of Marcel Dumont Artworks in Avignon & Chateaurenand.